Ceramic & Cermet Inserts

Ceramic & Cermet Inserts

Ceramic  Inserts

  • CM100, CM400 - Al2O3 Grades. A basic choice for Hardened Steel, Cast Iron and Alloy Steel with high speed machining.
  • CN150, CN250 - Si3N4 Grades. First choice for very high speed rough machining of Cast Iron.
  • CSN350, CSN450 - SiAlON Grades. Excellent performance in Heat Resistant Super Alloys & Exotic Materials.
  • XC200, XC400 - SiC-Whisker Grades. Wear resistant grade for machining high Nickel and Cobalt base alloy with high cutting speed. 

Cermet Inserts

Extensive range of Cermet Inserts covering common shape and sizes.

  • CT815 Grade - For medium to fine finish various alloy steel applications.
  • CT300 Grade - For medium to rough turning of various alloy steel applications.





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